Filmska is a creative production team founded by producer Matej Merlić, cinematographer Ante Cvitanović and editor Ivor Šonje. Our passion follows real art. We are true lovers of films and music and on every project we tend to give our very best so that the project can reach its full potential.

Well aware that filming is a group discipline and that one of the most important factors in the industry is cooperation, we like to be involved in all the stages of the filmmaking process which allows us to utilize all the skills that we have and create something of value together. Keeping this in mind, Filmska is dedicated to developing and producing original film and TV projects with various creative teams.

We at Filmska currently have several projects in different stages of production - short films, drama series, documentary series. Filmska is also offering production services like production of commercials, corporate and event videos and photos and postproduction services.